Most Beautiful Travel Blogs of year 2021

October 28, 2021

I have been in the design industry for the past 10 years working as a freelance designer for various companies and running this blog. In fact, most of my income comes from design working as a freelancer at Pete Design.

I value well-designed products, and today I would like to introduce you to some of the best design travel blogs to learn more about travel blog design and to inspire you to take your storytelling to the next level and create your own great travel blog.

The layout of your travel blog acts as a white canvas highlighting the atmospheric and immersive photography that Anywhere We Roam masters. Their photos and writing are top-notch and can take you to the location in question.

A good example of this can be seen in articles like Impressions of Havana. The duo takes you through the streets of Havana, exploring its culture and atmosphere through street stories, atmospheric photos, and immersive writing that make you feel like you are there. Yourself.


What I like: As you know, I am crazy about well-designed websites and one of the travel platforms that has always caught my attention is Maptia. Maptia is a platform that allows travelers and explorers to document and capture the world around them. .

Maptia hasn’t been updated as regularly as I expected, but even then the design they came up with years ago is timeless and still stands as one of the best well-designed travel websites.

Its focus on world-changing photography, along with travel stories written by people who have lived their lives to the fullest, is the only reason Maptia deserves to be on this list.

Tony Wu’s Gathering of Giants travel story is a great example of Maptia’s excellent content that you can’t get anywhere else. Looking at the very detailed photos and reading the well-written story in this article is the closest thing to being up close to this beautiful quaint whale.

IFLY Magazine

What I like: I first found out about IFLY Magazine when I traveled to Europe with KLM in 2018, and they let me know about IFLY as they often send out newsletters and flyers outlining different places for their next trip. introduced.

IFLY Magazine is universally useful for all types of travelers, using interactive media such as professionally shot photos, sound and video commonly found in inflight travel magazines.

A good example of how IFLY excels at storytelling is in the article “The Wales Way”. This article highlights a road trip itinerary that takes us through the beautiful landscapes of Wales.

The moment you arrive at that page you will see a full screen video of a drone flying around Wales, along with many full page photos of Wales’ mountains and castles. If it doesn’t make the best first impression on a travel website, you don’t know what it is.

Another Escape

What I like: Created with high-quality outdoor lifestyle content in mind, Another Escape blog has hit the head with an online magazine website that offers engaging, authentic travel stories and great photos of outdoor outdoors around the world.

Another Escape’s design shines through travel stories such as “The Road Not Taken,” which tells the story of a couple who swapped city life for life on the road. The margins and simple design of the website provide a way for engaging travel stories and photos to surface and shine on their own.

There is a saying in the design community that “good design is invisible”, and I think this is exactly the case with the minimal and clean design of Another Escape blog. The website’s Another Escape design allows you to enjoy the wonderful story of a lonely outdoor world without getting in the way.

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